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Looking for a microphone for video recording? You want to know which microphones are used for video recording? Looking for the best microphone for your video camera & video production? Then this is the right post for you. I will show you which microphone is best for filmmaking!

Microphones for Video Recording

The best microphones for video recording are Lavelier microphones (lapel microphones) and Shotgun microphones (shotgun microphones). Lavelier microphones are used for filming documentaries, TV shows and wedding films. Shotgun microphones are suitable for professional movie productions and video recordings in which the microphone should not be visible.

Why are microphones important for video recording?

Videos consist in total of 2 parts: Image and sound. So the sound makes up 50% of the video. Most modern digital cameras are designed to make great movies, but the sound quality of the built-in microphones (if they have any) is not good enough (most of the time).

Therefore, good microphones are inevitable for filmmakers and videos.

Which microphone for video?

As mentioned in the first section, there are two types of microphones for videographers:

1. Lavelier Microphone (Clip-on Microphone)

Lavelier microphones or clip-on microphones are small microphones that are attached to the person’s clothing mostly at the neck. This ensures that the microphone is always close to the person whose voice I want to record.

With the Lavelier microphones there are again 2 different subtypes:

Lavelier Microphones without Wireless Connection

Non-wireless Lavelier microphones are individual microphones that are attached directly to the person (usually placed in the pocket) and record only one audio source or person. The microphone stores the recordings on a memory card. You then add the audio files to the video while video editing.

lavelier mikrofon
I personally use such a set and have never been disappointed. I can recommend it with a clear conscience. You also need this mini SD card.

Advantage: Lavelier microphones without wireless connection are less expensive and offer a large movement and recording radius, since the person being recorded carries the microphone and the storage medium with him.

Disadvantage: If you want to record several people (from 3 people), the recording can be complicated and you actually need several microphones and recording devices. In that case I would rather recommend several wireless Lavelier microphones with a recording device or a shotgun microphone.

Lavelier Microphones with Wireless Connection

Lavelier microphones with wireless connection have in basically the same functionality as clip-on microphones without wireless connection. The crucial difference is that the recorded sound is transferred to the recording device via wireless signals.

This model consists of 4 transmitter microphones and one receiver. The individual microphones can be adjusted individually and are bundled on one audio file.

Advantage: One set of Lavelier microphones with wireless connection is enough to easily record a group of 4 people discussing together. Ideal for talk shows or video recording of discussions.

Disadvantage: It’s good if you want to record conversations and discussions. However, if you need video recordings where no microphone should be visible, then I would go for a clip-on microphone.

2. Shotgun Microphone

Shotgun microphones or directional microphones are elongated, usually larger microphones that can pick up sound from a certain distance. You sort of point the microphone toward the sound source and record.

I recommend this directional microphone from Rode.
Additionally, you need a recording device. I recommend this Zoom recorder. You connect your microphone to this recorder, where the sound is stored on a mini SD card.
This is the microphone holder for your shotgun microphone.
I recommend you to buy this additional bracket so that you can perfectly place your Zoom recording device on the shotgun microphone mount (monopod) with this clamp.

Advantage: You don’t need to attach a microphone to people and no microphones will be visible in the video. For smaller distances it is also sufficient to mount the shotgun microphone directly to the camera.

Disadvantage: For longer distances or for outdoor recordings where there is a lot of ambient noise, you need a second person who has to use an extension tripod (monpod) to lift the microphone to the direction from which the sound has to be recorded.

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